Kuwait Quality Mark Requirement for Using Certificate License

1)The company, which apply a request for using Kuwait quality mark, must be licensed from PAI as (industrial facility) for inside or outside Kuwait.
2)Availability of Kuwaiti for the selected product and comply with all its clauses of the standard.
3)Company must to be committed with Kuwait quality mark rules and apply all its requirements.
4)The company must be having production quality control system or certified quality management system.
5)The company must be commitment to apply quality control plan of selected product which agreed by two side (company + quality control and development department).
6)The company have ability to make a test to ensure continuing product quality as per approved quality control plan or by approved laboratory of PAI and the company commit to pay the fees of this tests.
7)In case of unable to conduct the tests as per standard requirements in PAI labs, that test must be conducted in company’s lab and under observation of technical from PAI.
8)The company must establish a system to deal with costumer complains related to product, which request a license.
9)The company have a system to deal with non-confirmed product in any stage of its production, analyze the causes, and take the corrective action and preventive action.
10)The company must provide and maintain all facilities, all information and records related to this product to quality control and development inspectors during inspection and commit with validity of this data.
11)Kuwait quality mark must be used in a way which difficult to remove by print or stuck or engraving and in a case of unable to do that, it must be used it in official papers using in a company or in any other place agreed between company and quality control department.
12)The company must to pay all fees and this fee will not relive (fees of request – fees of Kuwait quality mark license – renewal certificate – calibration – test results).
13)The company which has approval to use Kuwait quality mark to inform PAI – quality control department – if any changes they tend to take because it may affect on the product which has Kuwait quality mark.
14)The Company committed to inform PAI – quality control department – one month before if the decided to stop using the Kuwait quality mark certificate and the certificate considered cancelled from the date detected from Company.
15)Any company declared they certified for use Kuwait quality mark, or continue to use the mark after cancelation or stopping the license or violation of any information low or regulations, the general manager has to coordinate with concerned party to take legal action and apply penalties included in regulations and laws applied in country against company which not commit with pervious acts.

 Kuwait quality mark resisted in PAI – standard and metrology department- - using without permission from administration considers a violation to satndarization low No. 128: