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​Based on the provisions of Law No. 128 of 1977 regarding standardization, And Article (4) on the establishment and mechanism of the formation of the General Committee for Standardization Headed by the Minister of Commerce and Industry and membership of bodies concerned with standardization issues. All members of the committee shall be appointed for a period of three years by a decision of the Minister of Commerce and Industry. The secretariat of the Committee shall be the Director of the Standards and Metrology Department.

The General Committee for Standardization is competent to adopt the general policy of standards and standards And to plan their programs and follow up their activities and to take the appropriate decisions and actions to achieve their objectives and to protect their objectives and in particular:

  • 1 - To adopt the Kuwaiti standards and amend them whenever necessary.
  • 2 - Forming the technical committees, working groups and others necessary to complete the work of the Department.
  • 3 - Follow up the activities of the committees and adopt their recommendations.
  • 4 - Approval of licenses for specifications and standards.
  • 5 - The development of internal regulations and regulations necessary for the conduct of work in the affairs of standards and standards.
  • 6 - Study the progress reports.
  • 7 - Suggesting the dispatch of scholarships, study leave, scientific and other tasks
  • 8 - Determining the fees charged by the standards and standards for the services provided
  • 9 - Estimating the remuneration of consultants, experts and members of the committees who are assisted by the standards and standards.

    The Committee shall also meet at the invitation of its Chairman or at the request of at least one third of its members. The attendance of at least half of its members, including the President or his deputy, shall be valid.

    The Committee may invite to its meetings those whom it considers to be of assistance without having a counted vote in the deliberations.

    The decisions of the Committee shall be issued by an absolute majority of the number of members present and when the votes are equal, the votes supported by chairman will be overbalanced.