​​​​General Committee for Standardization:
​The committee emerged that conduct tasks and functions assigned to it.

Technical Committee (TC):
The Technical Committee formed by PAI to prepare standards for a sector of standards.

Sub Committee (SC):
A committee emerged from a Technical Committee to conduct tasks and functions assigned to it within the program of this Technical Committee.

Work Group (WG):
A limited number of experts group formed by the Technical Committee members designated in their personal capacity to carry out specific tasks.

A Working Member:
A government body that participates in any Technical Committee or any Sub Committee, and has the right to vote.

A Supervising Member:
A government body that expressed the desire to be in formed with the Committee work, and does not have the right to vote.

A Supporting Member:
An organization or a Union participating in the Committee work, but does not have the right to vote.

KWS Technical Regulation:
A document Certified by the minister of Committee and Industry, States the features of the products, and the operations related to it, and the means of its production, including the administrative regulations (Valid) executed, and man do lorry. It includes or specially examines the terms, definitions, and the filling, the requirements for the labels applicable to the pro​ducts, the operations, or the means of production.

KWS Standards:
A document Certified by the minister of Committee and Industry , for the regular and the frequent use , Instructions , regulations , or the features of the product’s or the operations or the related means of production , which are not man datary , and it may include or examine the terms , definitions ,and the production , the regulations for the labels applicable to the product’s , the operations , or the means of production .

The Standard specification guarantees the certain aim of the products or the service through specifying the technical requirements, regulations, and quality gentle systems to the product or the services, with the require mints that service the used ̓ s needs and goes with the capabilities of the producers and the services providers, taking into consideration the safety of the user and protecting him against frond and deception.

Draft Standard (DS):
A Kuwait, Draft Standard prepared or updated or adopted from an International, or regional, or foreign Standard specification.

Final Draft Standard (FDS):
A Kuwait, final Draft Standard really for Crepitation after passing all stages.​