- The Standard & Metrology Department was established after the enactment of Standardization in 1977 as the only certified national reference in Kuwait for Standardization and quality control.

- The main objective of the Department is to achieve Standardization aims , increase the quality and organize the national activities in production and services sectors , achieve numerous in materials , equipment’s , resources , energy, and efforts , reducing the costs , guarantee and improve the quality and the possibility of exchanging the industrial products , and finally to achieve the optimum total economic .

- The department is part of the public Authority for Industry and it’s in charge in accordance with the Standardization law the following specialties and activities related to the standards and specifications in Kuwait, as follows :​

1. Lay down, amend and publish Kuwaiti standards.

2. Encourage, supervise and follow up the implementing of Kuwaiti standards specification. Encouragement through raising awareness of Standardization between all the concerned parties. Supervising through coordination between all the concerned parties in the matters related to the execution of the certified Kuwaiti standard specifications for the local imported products, inspecting shops and providing technical advise to institutions and production companies following up through following up the implementing of the compulsory Kuwaiti standards specification in cooperation with the specialized bodies. 

3. Save the measurement list and references and issue accredited calibration certificates. 

4. Issue and sell the standards and publications related to Standardization. 

5. Use all the available local potentials of the government and the private bodies and giving these bodies permission to do same tasks. 

6. Establishing a documents and information center to save and publish information and statistics related to Standardization. 

7. Issue conformity certificates for local and imported products and guarantee the quality mark to the national products. 

8. Assonate tasks secretariat of the General Committee for Standardization headed by the minister of Committee & Industry, following up execute the genial Committee ̓s recommendations and acts. 

9. Develop the relations and cooperation with similar foreign bodies and represent the stale of Kuwait in regional and international Organization, bodies , conferences and meetings , as Kuwait is :

- Constructed member in the Standardization and metrology Organization for ​the GCC countries (GSO)

- Constructed member in the Arab Organization for Industrial Development and ​​Mines (AIDMO). 

- Active member of the international Organization for Standardization (ISO). 

- Active member of the American society for Testing Materials (ASTM). 

- Corresponding member in the international Organization for Metrology Legal ​(OIML).

- Communication point for (CAC) which is part of the FAO and the WHO. 

10. Standards and Metrology Department includes three sections : 

- Standards Section. 

- International Technical Relations Section. 

- Development & Quality Control Section.​